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Halfway through my working day today, I walked out of my job.

I'm sick of being underappreciated, underpaid, overworked and MASSIVELY underchallenged. I really needed out of that ghastly, soul-crushing place or I'd end up there forever. So I just didn't bother going back in after dinner. Ha!

My agency rep was a bit annoyed that I hadn't told anyone first, but I think he understood. He's offered me a job somewhere else when they get work... but I AM going to send some of my art out and look for a better job anyway. Even a minimum wage office job would be better. I have 5 A-Levels, I KNOW I'm smart and I KNOW I'm imaginitive. In a way, I'd rather be unemployed or a starving artist than waste my life in a place where I will never, ever be happy. Even if it takes me months to find a decent job, I've got £3000 stagnant in the bank. I'm not going to DIE, I've got enough money to keep me going for a bit.

So yeah, I think I'm feeling brave today.
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