Jessica Padkin (jessicapadkin) wrote,
Jessica Padkin

The Red X

This is a stupid question but...

Is this image:

... Copyrighted to anyone (ie Microsoft)? Could you legally replicate such a simple image?
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*lol* I... really don't know. XD; I mean, that little red 'x' had to be created by a microsoft lackey... but alas, how do you know some random 'x' artist did not inspire them?

This could be a conspiracy. XD
It's definately a microsoft thing (other browsers use different images for broken image links), though I'm not sure if it's been copyrighted.
LMFAO. >_>
You'd probably get in trouble if you tried to use it in your own browser, but other than that I think you'd be alright. Of course, this is based purely on speculation -- as far as I know, Microsoft could sue you just for posting that image to your LiveJournal.