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Thought for the day.

Has anyone ever noticed...

The people who lie the most are the worst at it? I rarely lie to people, in fact I'm often brutally honest, but when I do have to, I know how to do so convincingly and can cover my bases so as not to cause hurt in the future. The pathological liars, those who practically invent their worthless existence around petty lies, reel their idiotic lies off without the first thought of what might come later.

The sad thing is, many of these people think their victims actually fall for their crap. Heh, I've known many an unstoppable hyperliar beast, and in every case as soon as their back was turned everyone would stop humouring them and have a good laugh at their expense. All intelligent people can see through a phony a mile off.

The act fools nobody. If you're one of these liars, the chances are your 'friends' know exactly what you're doing, and are playing you as much as you are them.
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