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Please be safe, G!

Greetings, my fine pimp-ass hoes in the hood or somesuch! I have a tentative proposition that some of my fine artistically-inclined chums may be a bit interested in, should I take it further.

Well, I've been reading a few fan-produced comic anthologies (doujinshi for the propa l33t) lately, and I'd really like to give it a go myself. I was thinking a Sonic the Hedgehog or general Sega compilation. What I'd need is a few black and white short comics or pin-up type images from any artists who'd like to contribute. They wouldn't have to be absolutely top professional quality or anything, and the content could be anything at all from thought-provoking emo stuff to the usual gag strips (not hentai, mind). These would be actual physical comics to be sold over the internet, but obviously it would be non-profit.

I'm not expecting much of a response really, but let me know if you'd be up for this tomfoolery.

Additionally, I recently made the decision to return to university. I've applied to several Games Design degree courses, and I've so far had one unconditional offer from a nearby college. I'm very optimistic about the future.
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