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Well folks, I've got meself the job at Sega for my placement/internship next year. Woo! I get the feeling a few of my tutors are disappointed that I 'settled' for a lowly testing job rather than going for a position in 3D art, but:

1) ALL of the actual games studios I've talked to have told me it's extremely unlikely any company would take on students for an art placement, no matter how talented they were. Most only do programming placements, and many are unpaid. Besides, I personally don't feel I have enough experience to be a full-time 3D artist yet. In two years I'll be able to build up a much better portfolio for when I start looking for a proper job.

2) One of my good friends from uni is going as well, which'll make it easier to get settled in.

3) I wanna live in London. I know it's freaking expensive (I will be in a shared student flat though), but it'll be an interesting experience in itself.

4) I want to meet Dr. Robotnik.

In other news, I'm desperately trying to get back into drawing on a regular basis. I've got several ancient commissions that I've been needing to finish for ages now, some of them over a year old, seriously. Gawd. I think I need to set tighter deadlines for myself; whenever I get commissions that need to be done in a week, I bloody well get them done. However, when the, um, commissioner tells me to take as long as I like, I do just that. Muh.
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